• All 2wd trucks are allowed one naturally aspirated v8 automotive engine up to 540ci plus 60 thou, mechanical injection allowed. All race / pump fuels allowed (No Nitro). Alternately can have a forced induction engine up to 410ci plus 60 thou with a maximum blower size of 8/71 and 30% overdrive. (No Avgas allowed)
    2WD Outlaw Trucks are all those using any combination of Automotive, Marine, Aircraft or Turbine engines(s) Transmissions and final drives. There is no limit to the capacity, Blowers and turbo charging are permitted.
    And all fuels allowed (No Avgas).
  • Weight class is: 2700kg, excluding driver.
  • The maximum length of the truck is to be 15 feet from centre line of rear axle to forward most portion of truck,
    including weight racks, etc.
  • Maximum width is to be 8 feet wide at its widest point.