27th Feb 20203, 11.23am

The day started with a one minute show of respect to our dearly loved member Dave Clancy, Dave was taken from us after a tragic car accident and has left an empty space in all of our hearts.

Dave and his tractor 2-Tuff has been up and down the track for a lot of years, starting pulling in 1992 2-Tuff had a Chev 327ci (Flat Stick’s original engine), then eventually sporting a Chev 350ci. Dave was always happy whether he was 1st or last his passion for pulling was relayed via his cheeky smile which we all got to love.

Dave attended most events that had been happening and had his fellow competitor Barmed Blitza and 2-Tuff had a yearly challenge (called the VB Challenge) and this was an elaborate trophy that the loser had to take possession of for the year. The VB challenge involved a couple social beers and still most members would raise a VB to remember Dave Clancy.

The tractor has recently had an upgrade with more horsepower and is being run by his good mate Dale and was pulling at the Finley event last Saturday, it had a win in the third run of the night. Dave would be so proud of the new paint job and stickers on the tractor. The Finley Tractor pull committee requested that the Mini Modified class be renamed in memory of Dave Clancy and it was great to see Dave’s 2-Tuff competing in the event.

We’ll miss your cheeky smile mate, you were a lovable larrikin and lived life close to the fullest you could, you have left an empty space in all our hearts that no one can replace.

Rest In Peace Dave Clancy.

What a memorable event, Finley turned it once again providing us with another spectacular and welcoming event. Keeping with tradition all tractors were on the track for the national anthem and with a cheer from the crowd it was time to put on a show. Our fantastic commentator Ryan Godden immediately got the crowd engaged by calling the junior modified mower event. Great to see young kids running beside the modified mowers on the spectator banks, quite possibly several future pullers in the making. If you’re interested in becoming a part of this growing class please get in contact via our Facebook page.

New tractors, new faces and new drivers were in abundance. As always, the Finley committee worked their magic resulting some of the closest pulling in recent history. The Mini Modifieds often only separated by the smallest margin. Success on the day was taken by Rockabilly sporting some new heads accompanied by the sweet smell of E85. The General lost the third event handing a suspicious second place to Beats Work’n. Great to the mighty Barmed Blitza back out, unlucky not to place by 127mm. 2-Tuff reminded us of what it is capable of in the third event, launching hard and pulling it out of the park. A significant run that stirred up the placings, well done Dale it was great to watch.

Wicked Whitetail started off the big track proceedings laying down several crowd-pleasing runs. Plenty of pace and black smoke kept the crowd entertained whilst on the track. After the pulling was completed, the crowd got to experience commentary from the driver’s perspective. It’s always a great crowd experience to hear what it’s all about when you are from the drivers seat.

2WD Trucks gave the crowd plenty of entertainment with a combination of wheel standing antics and all out brute horsepower. Chilli-Town Thunder taking out first with consistent ear-splitting runs followed closely by Sudden Impact. Dirty Deeds arrived ready to put on a, but unfortunately all the off-season work installing a freshly built transmission crippled it at the start line and unfortunately didn’t move the sled. This is a great class and very well supported by the spectators, even taking some lucky ticket holders for a run. Thanks for putting on a great show.

Super Mini class had two new tractors built by tractor pulling icon Mark Schlorf, both running in the same class. The Super Minis reaped the results of the moisture and really hooked up, some of the fastest pulling the Roving Reporter has seen. Flamin Furious arrived at the event running a solo team and was rewarded with first place, this tractor is very consistent. Wild Wombat demonstrated how much wheel speed it is capable of laying down some dynamic runs for second. 10 years to the day, Dale from Dale’s Rocket drove in the Rookie Run at the Finley event. Now running his 2nd tractor and being consistently competitive he finished with third. A Great example of how people get hooked on tractor pulling.

Limited Modified was another class with a few firsts. A new driver for Flat Stick, a new coloured flag being required (black x 2) and quite possibly some longer brake pedal extensions before the next event. Flat Stick celebrating 40 years of tractor pulling which is an absolute credit to the team. Check out the new graphics on the guards at the next event, they are exceptional. Shillberite read the track best and finished the day in first pushed all day by Stuart Larcombe in Full Throttle sporting a new sponsor. Thanks to Bunnings for their umbrella sponsorship. Dear Diff retired early, and a driver swap occurred. Soul Revival taking third, possibly second had Graham relinquished the seat earlier!

The Open Mini class was where it was at. Did someone say, ‘Get a turbo’? The most entertaining secret in Tractor Pulling for the last couple of years was unveiled at Finley and an innovative first for Down Under Modified Tractor Pulling. Turbo Barra in a mini you say? Will it work, will it spool, will it be able to be pedalled on the gas? All these questions resulting in an absolute YES. If you had the pleasure of witnessing this, you would have noticed the crowd move to the fence in anticipation. Is the thing even running? Hang on here it goes!!!! No turbo lag just wheel speed and PACE. One of the brilliant things about embracing new technologies is the build journey, subsequently team Infected were rewarded with three brilliant runs and one very proud father. First place for the Turbo barra but for how long? Rumour is that there might be an LS owner starting an eBay account. How good would that be to watch?

Outlaw Mini had a blast with another new build debuting at Finley. Hectic is the name and Gary Johnson lit the flame. It was the first day out for Hectic and it was ready to send the challenge to Reloaded and Rough Justice. Crisp is the word and on song to take out first place. (Penalised 25m per run for being overweight – still mananged to get the overall win for the day). A great result for its first outing. Reloaded launched in typical fashion reminding the Finley crowd of what it is capable of. A busy yet satisfying day for the driver balancing family duties and tractor pulling, a nice reminder of how family friendly the sport is. Second place for Reloaded.

Rough Justice debuted its new combo with blown big block and a BNR upgraded blower and a whole lot of attitude. The Rough Justice team worked hard all day running the modified mowers and competing in the Outlaw class, an effort well worth acknowledging. Third place for the new engine combo, with more to come. Well done to the team and thanks for creating opportunities for our up-and-coming pullers in the mower class.

Special thanks to the Downunder committee, a huge amount of work precedes these events which often goes unnoticed. Take the time to thank them, we can’t go pulling without their contribution. To the Finley Committee, as always, a fantastic event run by great people.

In closing a gentle reminder to all Downunder competitors. Please ensure you check the drivers board as soon as you sign in at an event. We need all tractors to be weighed, scrutineered and ready to pull according to the time slots on the board. This will assist in running an efficient event.

Next event is Elmore Tractor Pull on Saturday 18th March. A big crowd is expected and even lots more entertainment planned than last year.

Full Pull,
Roving reporter


25th January 2022, 12.04pm

Australian Tractor Pulling is returning to it's original roots that started at Elmore in 1976. With the NEW event added to the Down Under MTPA calendar for 2022.

The new pull will be on Saturday 19th March 2022 at the Elmore Field Days site.

We'll keep you up to date as we get closer to the main event...


5th January 2021, 1.01pm

The announcement so many of us have been waiting for!

Introducing ‘KEITH REVVED UP’

We don’t want to go another year without any events & by the many messages, calls, comments & emails we have received, you don’t either!

Due to the strict guidelines in place, we unfortunately cannot run the 2021 Keith Diesel & Dirt Derby. For those that know us, this wasn’t a good enough outcome. Hence the idea of ‘Keith Revved Up’.

So for those of you who love V8 Jetboats, Modifed Tractor Pull and Motorbikes, this event is for you!

Please note: Limited Tickets available through our website only from early January 2021.



19th November 2019, 9.56pm

Well what a start to the Down Under MTPA season, Barmedman sure know how to put on a show and again they did not disappoint. Those arriving on the Friday afternoon were greeted with the usual hospitality from Barmedman Golf Resort directors Brendan and Mandy Wells. Again on offer was a quick round of 9, a dip in the heated pool and a roast meal before the event.

Starting the day off in spectacular fashion was the burnout competition with competitors showing the crowd what limiter bashing is all about. Local lad Drew with his big block and crowd favourite Blake in the cruiser providing a great addition to the Barmedman Modified Tractor Pull. Bring more of them next year was the vocal chant from the crowd!!!

Down Under action on the track started with the Cornfoot brothers Norm and Brendan delivering consistent fast runs under full power. Rumour has it our sled operator Lord Flavell had to consult his ‘little black book’ to find the secret setting that would pull them up. A great demonstration of diesel, boost and grippy Barmedman track conditions.  

What’s better than a Landcruiser with a big block? Watching Greg Abrehart drive Sudden Impact from inside the cab. Maybe a bit rusty was the suggestion from his son Jack but on good authority, I was informed that the wild in cab footage was all done to ‘put on a show’ for the loyal Barmedman spectators. Check it out on our socials as well. The return of Dear Diff to the Limited Modified Class provided added competition and proved to be a crowd favourite. It’s always close pulling in this class with every little advantage being an asset. Weight changes, tyre pressures and tactics are becoming hot property in this class.

Another notable inclusion for the event was the newest Outlaw Mini ‘UPROAR’ driven by Jared Cole. Let me tell you this young man will be a real threat in the coming months, he’s not afraid to give it a rev either. Keep your eye on Jared as this build has been guided by master tuner and crowd favourite Gary Johnson of Stampede. Westy's new rebuilt engine in Tommy's Toy came out in front, with Blown Income II second & Stone Cold close behind in 3rd

We also welcomed Dale, Laurinda & Hunter Wells to the Down Under Modified Tractor Pulling Association this season. Dale has returned to tractor pulling with his absolutely off tap Super Mini ‘JAWS’. Pre-event discussions revolved around Dale being a little nervous but by the sound of the 400 cube tunnel rammed twin carbied brute singing at 7,500 rpm, any hesitations about the grippy and dustless track were averted. True to style it was hold it flat at all costs for JAWS. This class is one to watch with an increasing number of Super Minis on board for the Down Under MTPA season.

In the Mini Modified department a couple of changes were noticed with Mid Life Crisis, Ruptured Duck III and the Barmed Blitza (see below for special report on the Blitza). Kevin and his Mid-Life Crisis team had a manic preparation period leading right up to the event. The magnificent fresh paint and fresh shiny stuff resulting in a very well presented tractor. Well done, already a contender for best presented no doubt!

Regular Ruptured Duck III pilot Adam Stevens having prior commitments was not going to stop them putting on a show for Barmedman. Replacing him was always going to be hard but substitute driver Jason Pumpa went alright. Specific instructions from Team Principal Graham Stevens must have been followed as the Duck comprehensively blew them away all day. An overall win and a first place trophy for Jason’s pool room. A great result for the Queensland team.

As mentioned on our socials we have an inclusion to our event reports. A special friend within Down Under MTPA code named ‘828’ has been tasked with a fact finding challenge for each event. His input for this report has proved controversial to say the least.
Questions were asked, allegations made and robust discussions conducted regarding the obvious power gains from the Barmed Blitza. The curious posse of concerned competitors (and 828) are still none the wiser on what mods have been performed during the off season! Playing a straight bat to a number of challenging questions from the Beats Work'n driveline and servicing manager rendered their attempts fruitless didn’t they Harry! Whatever has been done, it has been done well, powering Harry and the new tough as Barmed Blitza to a second place for the day on their home track.

The post event de brief soon turned from who broke what and who needs to fix this to the next event on the Down Under MTPA calendar. Tooradin is always a highly professional event with a huge amount of attractions to be seen. Truck show, burnouts, tractor pull, amusements and stalls to name a few. Keep your eye on Matt and Charlie in Disorderly Conduct, Ray, Jack and Abbey in little Willey (hopefully no black flag disqualifications for Abbey this time), Greg Abrehart in Sudden Impact and Graham Gray in Dear Diff will all be looking to put on a great show at their home track. Check our socials for more info and updates as they occur.

A massive Thank You to Brett Harris and his team of champions for the modifications to the mini sled (renamed ‘DIRT DYNO’), well done men. This paves the way for our new mini sled operator Deshaun Crewin-Smith to ply his skills at providing fast and spectacular pulling. See you at Tooradin,

Roving Reporter.



9th October 2019, 10.47am

Down Under MTPA have been asked to display some tractors atthe Deniliquin Truck show this year. This is short notice, so presently the executive have undertaken the responsibility to attend on behalf of the association this year. The date being the 26th October 2019. If any member is very
keen to attend please contact Brendan or Judy.


25th October 2018, 12.49pm

Welcome to our new sponsor Central Header Parts from Ballarat. Dean and the team have come on board for the remainder of the season.

Dean was so excited to be our new sponsor that he drove from Ballarat to Barmedman on Friday with his collection of Tear drop banners to attach
to the big sled & big tractor rollcages.



4th September 2019, 9.58pm

Long time Tractor Puller Peter Mann from Bendigo has imported his first tractor from Canada during the off-season. This will be Peter's fifth tractor he has campaigned since he and his family began Tractor Pulling in the early 80's. Those familiar with Tractor Pulling will know the families first tractor - Supamann II, then Jet turbine powered Black Velvet, ex WA tractor Pure Insanity, the Steve Schmidt powered import - 2WD Truck Bad Attitude and now 'COYOTE'. With 4 x 572ci Blown - Rodeck powered, Tim Engler built chassis that has competed in Canada and also made appearances at the National Tractor Pulling Championship at Bowling Green. Peter spent time with the Robinson's in Canada, using that time getting used to the Monster, Peter enjoyed his time in the seat taking out a win in his first event.

To see more footage of Coyote in action at Bowling Green go to: COYOTE in action


4th September 2019, 10.09pm

After Ruptured Duck was a right-off on the way home from Barmedman last year. The Stevens boys are back with HITMAN for this season at their new home track at Biddeston next weekend. Just a few little things to go and its ready.

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