• (a) Open Mini Modified tractors are those using any small block v8 up to 410ci plus 60 thou utilising a blower, turbo,
    and / or EFI & mechanical injection. All race / pump fuels allowed. (No Avgas or Nitrous injection).  
  • (b) Alternative engine combo is a single v8 big block up to 540ci plus 60 thou must be naturally aspirated. No blowers, turbos, NOS, multiple carbies. EFI & mechanical injection allowed. All race / pump fuels allowed (No Avgas or Nitrous injection).
  • Open Mini Modifieds are permitted the use of Engine Management Systems.
  • Weight class is: 950kg, including driver and safety apparel.
  • No portion of a mini modified tractor may exceed 8 feet forward of the centre of the rear wheel,
    including removable ballast.
  • No portion of the tractor shall exceed 6 feet in width.
  • Auxilliary Starting Motors are permitted, operating through the neutral start and ignition mechanism by a competent operator.